Degafloor NZ have been distributing DEGADUR® resin floor coatings by Röhm GmbH for 19 years in both NZ & Australia.

DEGADUR® resins are solvent-free, cold-curing methacrylate systems for producing high-quality industrial grade flooring.

DEGADUR® floor coatings based on ultra-fast cure PLEXIGLAS® resin technology are able to meet the vast majority of customer needs, irrespective of industry, something that would not be possible if we were solely supplying epoxy or polyester flooring products. This is due to the outstanding and unique benefits that come from the use of DEGADUR® MMA resins.

The unique curing characteristics of DEGADUR® allow it to offer significantly faster install times compared to other resin chemistries. DEGADUR® floor coatings achieve full cure in just 2 hours and are ready for immediate use even under heavy loads and being UV stable, are a perfect solution for exterior trafficable applications.

Rapid return to services industries such as commercial kitchens, supermarkets, food preparation facilities and public ablution & changing facilities, where shut down times must be kept to an absolute minimum, all benefit from the rapid cure time of DEGADUR®.

DEGADUR® resins offer extreme durability, they are thermoplastics which establish a chemical bond between each installation layer, resulting in a monolithic finish. Each layer chemically fuses to the adjacent layer (or existing subfloor) creating a virtually unbreakable bond. This also allows for faster and more economic maintenance in the future.

The unique reactive primers of DEGADUR® key deep into the substrate to achieve outstanding bond strength. Where required, specialist additives are also used to etch and further strengthen the bond onto substrates such as ply, steel and tiles, avoiding the cost and disruption of removal.

The characteristics of our primer technology, coupled with an unrivalled range of body coat and seal resins allow us to complete installations in the most challenging of situations, often without the need to remove existing finishes, thus avoiding significant cost, mess and disruption. The time savings alone that can be achieved by using DEGADUR® to overlay existing finishes has made it the product of choice in many industries, especially food and drink production, commercial catering and retail where the speed of installation (and minimal disruption) is paramount.

DEGADUR® resins also have the unique ability to achieve full cure, even in temperatures as low as -30⁰C making it a perfect choice for cool store facilities or any situation where low temperatures would negatively impact the cure of other resin systems.

In partnership with Sto New Zealand, we are very pleased to now offer the German made StoCretec, a range of premium epoxy and cementitious floor coatings within New Zealand.